Instant Hand Sanitising Gel

• Kills 99.9% of common germs that can cause disease
• Dries leaving hands non-greasy
• No water required – rapidly evaporates
• A pleasant Vanilla scent after use
• Contains conditioner to prevent skin from drying out

Product CodeDescriptionSize
635090200Instant Hand Sanitising Gel24 x 70ml
635090300Instant Hand Sanitising Gel12 x 500ml
635090347Instant Hand Sanitising Gel – Coconut & Vanilla12 x 500ml
635093847Instant Hand Sanitising Gel – Coconut & Vanilla3 x 2L
635160300Instant Hand Sanitising Gel – Alcohol Free12 x 500ml
635160210Instant Hand Sanitising Gel with Silicone Case – Alcohol Free24 x 70ml
635090210Instant Hand Sanitising Gel with Silicone Case24 x 70ml

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