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Each 1L high capacity refill cartridge delivers 0.4mL per pump for up to 2500 washes. Cartridges are
quick & easy to reload, which is a major time saver. Each time you replace the cartridge you replace the
pump & this means no mess & no drips. The cartridge empties fully which saves on wastage. Our Skin
Care Cartridges are sealed to ensure the product cannot be contaminated by airborne bacteria.

• Cartridge doesn’t come into contact with the dispenser, removing the possibility of contamination.
• Cartridge shrinks & empties to the last drop – no spillage, no waste.
• Cartridges are changeable within seconds, with a lockable dispenser.
• Dispenser made from resilient white ABS plastic with an attractive, high gloss appearance.
• Dimensions: height 275mm width 118mm, depth 110mm

Product Code Description
635129800 Universal Dispenser 0.4ml
635129785 Universal Dispenser 0.4ml Smoke

• Dispenser automatically dispenses measured amounts of product, simply by placing hands underneath
• Cartridge shrinks & empties to the last drop ensuring no waste

Product Code Description
635058529 Automatic Dispenser 0.4ml