Floral Bin Deodoriser

• Deodorises & sanitises bins after prolonged build-up
• Refreshing fragrance that masks odours, while working to sanitise bin walls
• Suitable for general rubbish & large scale bins
• Ideal for both indoor & outdoor use

Concentrated Deodorisers & Air Fresheners

• General purpose cleaner & deodoriser
• Antibacterial with long-lasting residual perfumes
• Turns clean surfaces into a continuous action air freshener
• Ideal for use in public washrooms, bathrooms, garbage waste areas
& anywhere bacterial odours are persistent
• Pleasant fruity, floral or linen fragrance
• Disinfectant

Surface Spray Disinfectants

• Ideal for cleaning, disinfecting & deodorising areas such as office desks, phones, keyboards, etc
• Safe to use on all washable surfaces
• Spray routinely around your work space to freshen air & surfaces, leaving a fresh fragrance to control unpleasant odours & surface bacteria
• O-Zone friendly (non-aerosol)
• Ready-to-use