Beer Master Machine Glass Wash

• Suitable for machine washing only
• Effective on difficult stains such as orange juice, food oils and lipstick

Product Code Description Size
637120700 Beer master Machine Glass Wash 3 x 5L


• Easy to tear rolls
• Durable, highly absorbent non-woven cloth
• Suitable for washing & re-using many times
• Can be used wet or dry & ideal for hospitality, janitorial & office
• Anti-bacterial

Dishwashing Tablets

• Premium, All-in-one dishwashing tablets
• Streak free formulation
• Dissolvable wrapper for cleaner usage
• Active stain remover

Fridge & Microwave Cleaner

• Removes fat & grease from microwaves & fridges
• Cleans, sanitises & deodorises
• Suitable for food preparation areas & surfaces
• Eliminates odours

Fat & Grease Remover

• High-foaming, market leading food service degreaser that emulsifies animal fat,
grease & grime from floors, equipment & walls
• Safe to use on all washable hard surfaces, rinses free to leave no residue or film
• Colourless & perfume free
• Ideal for cleaning kitchen filters & extraction hoods above stoves
• Excellent for removing body fats & soap scum from shower cubicles & baths
• Always use hot water

Lime & Scale Remover

• Removes scale build-up from the inside of dishwashing machines
• Fast acting against lime & scale build-up in urns & jugs
• Helps prolong life & maintain maximum performance of Bain-maries (double boilers)
• Removes deposits from showerheads, taps & mineral deposits from toilets
• Suitable for stainless steel, aluminium, hospitals & laboratory glassware

Food Surface Sanitiser

• Formulated for effective sanitation in food service operations
• When used correctly, surface does not require rinsing
• Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria in 60 seconds
• Quaternary Ammonium based sanitiser
• 7 day expiration period after dilution

Cream Cleanser

• Specially formulated for use on enamel stoves, stainless steel sinks, benches, tiled areas, shower recesses, chrome fixtures, enamel baths & basins
• Gently polishes & shines most hard surfaces without harsh scratching
• Very little water required to rinse off product
• Ready-to-Use

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