Liquid Sugar Soap

• Cuts through grease & grime
• Safe to use on all washable surfaces, i.e. floors, walls & laminated surfaces

Product Code Description Size
634100700 Liquid Sugar Soap 3 x 5L

Desk Cleaner and Disinfectant

• Perfect for cleaning and sanitising your workspace
• Suitable for household use
• Perfect for disinfecting work desks, sit/stand desks or hot desks

Product Code Description Size
631050900 Desk Cleaner and Disinfectant 12 x 250ml

Power Eraser

• Melamine foam that quickly & easily removes marks & stains on a range of hard surfaces
• Long lasting
• Requires no chemicals or detergents

Sandpit Sanitiser

• Professional strength
• Kills bacteria
• Leaves no actives
• Wetting agents ensure even distribution of product in sand

Vomit Control Agent

• Absorbs vomit & other liquid spills
• Eliminates odours instead of covering them up
• Environmentally friendly & non-flammable
• Safe, non-toxic, & odourless
• Great for nursing homes, schools, hotels, motels, veterinary offices & hospitals

Floor Cleaner with Ammonia

• Heavy duty alkaline floor cleaner effectively cleans a wide variety of floor surfaces
• Removes dirt & grease soils
• Tough on kitchen & canteen floors
• Does not allow soil redeposit
• Ensures rapid cleaning
• Use in warm water

All Purpose Cleaner

• Excellent multipurpose cleaner/disinfectant
• Simplifies cleaning
• Safe for use on all washable surfaces including polished surfaces at correct dilution
• Clean fresh fragrance
• Ideal for use in hospitals, schools, nursing homes & childcare centres – contains no industrial solvents that can affect delicate skin

Neutral Cleaner

• An all purpose neutral cleaner that does not require rinsing
• Suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms & all resilient floor surfaces
• Easily applied leaving a light rose fragrance
• Ideal for lightly soiled sealed or un-sealed floors

Window, Glass & Mirror Cleaner

• Specially formulated for use on windows, mirrors, windscreens & chrome
• No streaks or blooming
• Lifts dust, oils & grease
• Evaporates to leave the surface completely clean
• Ready-to-Use product
• Alcohol Free and Ammonia Free formulas available
• Effective & inexpensive streak free shine